La vinia Media

The work consist  in the  realization of the un spot of 30 seconds, full cg, for Sabadell bank. I needed to perform un charater very similar to the actor, but in realistic cartoon, no a double digital, a double digital is unthinkable with a month and half of deadline.

Who many people were worked in this proyect?  3 person.

I was in charge of the all proyect, and subcontracted the animation and rigger to qualified person.

I did the all production and a  calendar that was perfectly fulfilled to arrive at the delivery. Its very important!! the delivery times.

The filming was in Barcelona and I went to he. I need references of the moves of the actor.

The actor no haved experience with actor, finally  it turned out to be the bank’s director who spoke.  i need have all the information possible, movements and visual references so that the correction of my character

  1. Photography of the character, for su correct  Height and size of the parts of your body
  2. References of the clothes and shoes
  3. Referencias of the all objects  that will come on the set.

I did the complete modeling work with maya and zbrush

I made the texture, body paint, the style is cartoon, we did not need large relief textures. but good diffuse and specular textures.

The hair was created with xgen, for me it was a challenge to handle the creation of hair, since I was totally new to this topic and I would not know if I had time to do it, so I did not include dynamics. finally and although I still have a lot of work to do in this skill, the hair was abrobado and we continue their development.

The light was made in vray, I chose vray to achieve a medium speed of quality, the sss in vray is very fast and I wanted this to remain, since my time for rendering was very limited. I did some tests to see how much noise I could work with and then remove in postproduction, and shorten render times. I started working locally with two machines Hp z820 and Hp Z620 16 and 24 wires but finally I needed an external jack that gave me great support 24 hours. Fox render Farm.